Supply Chain Consultancy

Our consultancy service portfolio is aimed at providing bespoke supply chain and logistics related improvements to enable our clientele to achieve superior operational efficiencies, cost reductions and capacity enhancements. Our extensive experience in servicing multiple industry groups enables us to bring in cross industrial, best in class solutions to cater for all needs and demands of logistics operations. The consultancy service vertical of JKLL has catered to numerous industries/sectors over the years, delivering superior value propositions that have translated into long term partnerships.

Cardre Management Solutions

Overall Carde management solutions which eases our clients mind in managing its human capital related operations.

Our Consultancy Services Include;

  • Warehouse Design & Operational Planning

Using are extensive experience in designing, developing and operating several large scale warehousing operations, we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive warehouse design and operational planning services that meet global best practices and superior service delivery standards.

  • Supply Chain Auditing & Benchmarking

We are able to audit your current supply chain and logistics operations and benchmark the same against industry specific best practices to develop process improvement and maturity plans to meet the requirements and operational dynamics of each individual client.

  • Process Improvement & Change Management

Designing process improvement strategies at a strategic and operational level targeting supply chains and implementing such changes is a core competency of JKL. We are able to manage the end to end process improvement activities that will enable our clients to focus on their core business operations and reap the benefits of an improved supply chain performance.

  • Cost Optimization Solutions

We are fully aware of how supply chains should be both agile and cost efficient at the same time. Given our extensive experience in managing supply chain specific cost items over the years, we have developed optimal models for optimizing such costs through resource optimization and innovative cost planning tools. These tools will be customized and implemented to enable our clients to achieve superior supply chain cost optimizations to support compliment growth plans.