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Logistics Solutions

John Keells Logistics (Pvt) Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of John Keells Holdings PLC, is in the business of providing 3rd party contract logistics solutions, catering to multiple industry verticals. With several state of the art Logistics centers located within close proximities to major highways, industrial parks, city centers and ports; complimented with a multi configured fleet of transport vehicles; we are optimally poised to service a wide spectrum of logistics & related service demands of value chains

why jkll?

infrastructure and expertise
commitment to quality
compliance for health and safety
green supply chain

Why Outsource Your Logistics Functions?

Logistics is a pivotal element in integrating a fast paced globalized network of value chains. Rapid globalization of trade has created an impetus for many companies to outsource their logistics functions to third party.

Ability to focus on core business
Lower cost through economies of scale
Access to a wide range of services under one roof
Agility and flexibility
Transfer fixed costs of logistics into variable costs
Less Investments required
Compliance with global best practices
Access to ever evolving domain expertise
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